can you join the airforce with flat feet

Can I enlist in the US armed forces with flat feet? | U.S. Army – Quora

Air Force – Are flat feet still a problem? | Student Doctor Network

Do you think they will notice or make a big deal about it? … for issues related to flat feet recently then you should fly right through MEPS.

I am a Military Recruiter and would like to clear up some …

In training, my flat feet (plantar fasciitis) acted up severely to the point that I woke up …. it shouldnt be fun, the recruiters put it off that way so you will join, then during BT …. How many people can he, the recruiter get to sign up.

3 Answers – Can you join the military if you have flat feet? – Quora

Well, I’m in the military, and I have flat feet 🙂 So yes, absolutely. … So if you’re serious about joining the military, talk to one, and go take a physical. Worst case, they say you can’t come in, and then you know.

Can I enlist in the US armed forces with flat feet? | U.S. Army – Quora

If it causes you pain or your have to wear corrective shoes, you do not qualify to join the U.S. Military. However, if the condition does not cause pain or you only need inserts a waiver could be possible. … Is It True You Cannot Have Flat Feet in the Military?

Joining the Military 6 Surprising Medical … – Task & Purpose

In order to join the military you need to qualify medically. … While someone who has flat feet can serve in the military, it depends on the severity.

Flat feet? : AirForce – Reddit

If you have questions related in any way to joining the Air Force, … Were flat feet documented when you went through MEPS? …. Can confirm.

Flat feet allowed in the Air Force? | Yahoo Answers

I am very interested in joining the AF (specifically becoming a pilot), and I have heard that for the Army, flat feet can disqualify you. Is this true a) …

Can People With Flat Foot Join The Army? – YouTube

I’m looking into the Air Force though and, like you mentioned in the … If they do letyou in …

Can You Join the Military with Flat Feet ? –

Those who are flatfooted but eager to join the military service might be hearing this … You can tell that you have a flat foot if the arches of it flatten out instead of …

Flat feet | Air Force Enlisted Forums

I have flat feet. It does not bother me but i heard that if you have flat feet then you can not join is that true?

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