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How to Call Australia from the U.S. – Vonage Blog

How to call Australia: country code, area codes, phone books

The time in Sydney, Australia is now 05:04:22am. This country uses multiple time zones. Calling Australia from the United States explained: 011US exit code; …

4 Ways to Call Australia from the USA – wikiHow

Include the city code first, and then dial the number. In Australia, phone numbers are 9 digits. To review, say you’re calling Sydney. To make a call to a landline phone, you would dial 01161, then 2, followed by the 9 digit phone number.

How to Call Australia from the U.S. – Vonage Blog

To call Australia from the U.S., just follow these simple dialing directions: First dial 011, the U.S. exit code. Next dial 61, the country code for Australia. Then dial the area code (1 digit). Finally the phone number (8 digits).

Country Calling Codes – How to call Australia from United States

Learn how to call Australia from United States. Out complete resource guide gives you the Australia country code & American dialing code to make your …

Tips for Calling Australia – Union Telecard

For international call to Australia, dial the international access code first (011 in the U.S.), followed by 61 (Australia’s country code). Then dial the area code and …

How to Call Australia From the United States |

If you’re making a call to Australia for the first time, the long string of … When calling Australia from the U.S., it’s a good idea to check the local …

How to Make a Long Distance Call to Australia | USA Today

Dial the international access code 001 when making a call to Australia. This international access code allows callers from the U.S. to call out of the country.

Australia Country Code 61 Country Code AU – Country Codes

EASY TO REMEMBER URL: ‘’ for Australia country code 61 country codes AU and Australia phone number. … Contact Us to Order … The Australia country code 61 will allow you to call Australia from another country .

Freephone2phone – Free international calls to Australia from the US.

If you are based in the US (USA), you can make unlimited, free 10minute calls to Australia simply by dialing a Freephone2phone local access number.

How to call Australia from United States of America | Viber Out

With Viber Out you can make quality calls to Australia from United States of America. Call any number in Australialandline or mobile!starting from only 2.1  …

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