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Top 10 Best Duos: Bot Lane Synergy – HOWLA

Top Vayne bot combos – League of Legends Community

My friend also enjoys playing support champs with me so I have gotten the … has more useful cc for Vayne and Blitz actually does good damage compared to Ali. … I main Blitz and yeah Vayne+Blitz bot is an excellent combo.

Possibly the BEST support to go along with Vayne??

Illaoi support, vayne needs to survive the laning phase. Illaoi is …. Grab into stun then knockup is one of the most brutal combos in the game.

What is the best ADC / SUPPORT COMBO

I would create a poll, but there is way too many combinations. What do you guys think? My favorites are: Vayne / Alistar Ashe / Braum

What is the best support for Vayne : LeagueofLegendsMeta – Reddit

So the best support is a support that forces the enemy jungle and … That being said, Nami + Vayne is a ridiculous combo once Nami has Ardent …

Top 10 Best Duos: Bot Lane Synergy – HOWLA

Here are the best duos with bot lane synergy: Vayne and Alistar. Alistar and Vayne have very strong bot lane synergy. Ashe and Miss Fortune. Ezreal and Sona. Kog’Maw and Lulu. Xayah and Rakan. Kalista and Taric. Twitch and Thresh. Jhin and Karma.

Who’s the best support bot vayne? – League of Legends Message …

Her laning phase is so very weak, but a killlane support should help remedy that. Blitz … but two of my friends do a great Poppy/Vayne combo.

Best supports for Vayne – MMO-Champion

So trying to play/get better with vayne as ADC i’ve come to the conclusion, i’m … support and we got shat all over by a nidalee/xin zhao combo.

Vayne Guide by CloudCarr – Vayne Build – Guide – LoL

Vayne Build, Vayne Guide for League of Legends (LoL). … Abilities; Items; Champion Matchups; Supports with Vayne; Playing Against (as Vayne); Main Body …. Infinity’s Edge and Fervor of Battle is the best in season 6. ….. stun mechanic on his passive and it combos pretty well with Vayne’s silver bolts procs and her stun.

Shortcut To The Best Support Choices For Every ADC – Articles …

Shortcut To The Best Support Choices For Every ADC …. This combo provides great crowd control and even better damage, and provides it …. Vayne has one of the most unique kits of all ADCs, centered on positioning. She is …

Trolling the bot lane: Why support Trundle is a strong pick …

Making this thread before support Trundle gets super popular, … Trundle is actually very good at forcing fights or at disengaging in the bot lane. ….. Specifically because of that combo, I do think Vayne + Trundle sounds like a …

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